Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Miss M (Ocean City Children's Pictures)

Miss M, so glad Mom said it was ok to put these up. Can't wait for our "official shoot" in a few weeks. Playing on the dock never looked so good :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Huge Thank You

A huge thank you to all of my friends and family that have been so supportive with my new photgraphy venture! Please bookmark the blog and check back often, that way you can keep up with what I have been up to! Also, thank you so much for the referrals that have been coming in- I absolutely could not have done it without all of you. Lots of love...

Miss E- such a little lady

Aren't they the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen? So glad I got to meet you Miss E, and can't wait to take a few pics the next time you are in MD!

Pretty Miss M (Salisbury MD baby pictures)

Thanks Miss M for letting me play with some of my pink frilly baby stuff in your time hopefully we will get more than five minutes to shoot before the sun goes in on us. Can't wait to schedule your family pics too! Mom L, call whenever you are all ready. And thank you so much for the referrals I have been getting.

Lil AJ

I don't think you can top this glad I could snap a few before the big move. I had so many faves I had to break this into two posts...

My First Family Session

Just when I was starting to get used to the little ones, a new challenge- my first family session. Definately different, and a ton of fun...thanks G family for being my guinea pigs. Love you guys!

My Handsome Nephews

They were just too easy to practice with- thanks E and J for tolerating the camera for a few minutes! Aren't they handsome?

Play time with Miss R (Modern Children's Portraiture)

Oh little Miss R, you definately kept me on my toes. I had so much fun playing outside with you, and can't wait until the next time. It was really hard to only pick a few pictures to post- they were all favorites!

Happy Birthday Miss H

Oh, one is so fun!

Sassy Miss B

Who knew a four year old could be so sassy? Knowing her well, I know she had it in her, just didn't know it would show so much on film. Miss B, cant wait to keep photographing you throughout the years.

Baby around 4 months

Almost too big for the basket, but such a cutie... and such a little sleepyhead. Mom, I promise we will try to get some awake ones next time.

My First Newborn (Salisbury MD Newborn Photography)

Baby D, such a sweet baby boy. Thanks so much mom for trusting me with your little angel. I hope you are as happy with the pics as I am. Something about his expression in the last one just kills me, I smile evey time I look at it!

The Plan

So, I am going to catch up on all my blogging from all of my shoots, and then promise to update when I shoot more...keep those beautiful babies coming!

Loving the new camera- Lil Mr. A

So, this is my first attempt with the new camera...thanks little A for being such an easy subject. Seriously, could he get any cuter? So glad he was my first