Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flower Girl

This little girl has got to be the sweetest thing out there.  She has always been such a pleasure to work with and I really look forward to her sessions- today was no exception. Mom let me choose the location, so we headed over to Salisbury University to shoot around the arboretum and in the alumni gardens. Little C was more than happy to pose in the flowers for me, especially after frog hunting and checking out the "secret" garden. Such a sweetie she is- can't wait to meet her little sister was great seeing you ladies!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Pure Sweetness! (Annapolis Newborn Photgrapher)

This little tidbit was just pure sugar--a cuddly little munchkin who loved to be hushed to sleep and super bendy....she suprised mom and dad by coming four weeks early, and suprised me too! Although, my favorite thing in the world is to get the "we're on our way to the hospital", or--"we just had the baby" phone call.  I'm thinking she saw her older (by like a week) cousin's photos (Baby B was the first to rock my vintage scale- little cousin wanted to be just like her!) and was ready to do a little modeling!  IT was wonderful meetign you guys today-  and rememebr, twenty blog comments, and you will get an 8x10 to hang in that nursery!

Handsome Little Fella!

This sweet little peanut was as cute as they come, and as alert as they come too!  He was very interested in what was going on around him, and made some of the funniest little faces!  We finally managed to coax him to sleep for a few minutes and got some fun shots, although it was certainly a team effort! So glad we were able to make it happen- it was a pleasure meeting your family--hope you are having fun on your trip! Twenty comments to the blog will earn you an 8x10 from your session...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cute Lil Belly(s)!

This lil belly is home to one sure-to-be cute little girl!  If her brother is any indicator, she will also be an absolute joy to be around. I couldn't help but laugh when i asked him to sit next to mom, and he did...and proceeded to lift his shirt up too-perfect little moment there....I was cracking up looking at the shot, especially how mom didn't skip a beat and just smiled for the camera--priceless!  Thanks so much for a fun evening you guys-- can't wait to meet baby girl!  And remember, twenty blog comments, and this family will get an 8x10 from their session to hang in the nursery...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthday Boy!

This adorable little guy reminded me so much of mine--with his floppy blond hair, blue eyes, and winning grin (when you could catch it)!  It was definitely a hot one at the park last evening, but he was a trooper, although I must admit rather time i take his photos i am totally wearing my jogging gear and just going to keep running by....he was kind of obsessed with the runners...and the water....and the guy sleeping on the bench...he he he...well, just about anything but my camera. But we got some cute shots despite his efforts to ignore me....great meeting you three- glad we were able to make it work!  Remember twenty comments to the blog earns this family an 8x10 from their session!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cutie Patootie!

Well, this adorable little girl really made mommy and i work for it today, she was much more interested in the hands in her mouth and the fuzzy carpet to pay us, or the camera much attention. Although we really wanted to capture some big smiles ( I Know she does it- I have seen them on facebook!), they were quite elusive today. Not only was she stingy with the smiles, but when she smiles, she turns her head away from you---silly little one! Regardless, it was wonderful spending some time with you all today, already looking forward to seeing you again in another few months!  Remember, 20 blog comments and this cutie wins her momma and daddy ANOTHER free 8x10!

Monday, July 19, 2010

All Girl- Flowers, Butterflies, and Purple!

Perfect Little Gentleman

This little guy was just the perfect gentleman--he snoozed peacefully for me, and let me pretty much do whatever I wanted--big sister and mom helped me pick out some fantastic hats, dad was the best backdrop holder, and big brother took one for the team and got a little bit wet...he he he! Definitely a team effort. Thanks so much for  inviting me into your home today--it was lovely seeing you all and meeting your new little man!  I had a really tough time choosing a favorite tonight...And remember- twenty blog comments earns this family an 8x10 from their session, so don't disapoint them!