Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back in the 'Bury

When mom emailed me to do this session it was becasue she was excited that her daughter was going to be back in town, on a visit from North Carolina--what better excuse to get some pics taken! We had a lot of fun today, and these two ladies mastered Pemberton Park in some heels- no small feat. They conquered roots, and hills, and even when dad tried to bounce us all of the bridge.  It was so nice getting to know you all- enjoy the rest of your visit home B!  Remember, 20 comments to the blog earns this family an 8x10 from their session.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The KSP Inspiring Moms Contest

I have had the honor of meeting so many incredible mothers in my life, and the honor of photographing some of their families the past few years. So, in honor of Mother's Day, which is right around the corner, I wanted to do something special for the moms out there who really make a difference and inspire me to be the best mom I can be.  So, send me a story about the mom who inspires you the most and why, and she will be entered in to win a Portrait Session with Kristin Staples Photography (includes local weekday session, disk) .  The more details the better, so brag away on your most inspiring mom.  I'm going to get a box of tissues for when I read these!  I will choose my favorite three stories, and a panel of judges will vote on who the winner will be. Runners up will win gift certifiactes to KSP, and all finalist stories will be published on the blog. Can't wait to start getting these- email your entry to, with insiring mom in the header. Winners will be selected on Saturday May 8th, and announced on the blog on Mother's Day!

House Full of Men...(Hebron Maternity Photographer)

This momma is going to be so outnumbered in her house...she already has a darling little boy who is going to be quite the handful ( he was winking at me today, a lesson from dad who, i believe was quite the handful in his day too!). And to add to the mix, baby brother will be arriving in June.  There will be no shortage of testosterone in this house full of winks and yankee gear, but no shortage of laughs and love either! Can't wait to meet the little guy! And if you like what you see, leave some love to earn this adorable family an 8x10 from their session . 

Twice As Nice, Fun and Bubbly

These two twin girls were just incredibly fun to work with--I kinda wanted to take them home! I told them that when they were old enough to babysit, I was going to call them up.  We spent a beautiful afternoon walking around the SU campus (mom works there) trading stories about when i went to school there, and how they want to go to school there--they have big plans to live in the dorms, and...not gonna lie...i saw them checking out the college boys already!  Mom has her hands full with these two, but in a good way--I had so much fun getting to know you three- thank you so much! And remember 20  comments to the blog earns this family an 8x10 from their session :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary Nanny and Gramps!

Today was such an incredible day- my grandparents celerated their 60th wedding anniversary, and man did they do it in style. It was such a classy event, from the black and white cocktail attire, the incredible band, the gorgeous cake, and the wonderful friends and family  there to celebrate. Nanny looked stunning in her red cocktail gown, and grumps was equally as dapper in his tux!   I think I speak for the entire family when I say that we all hope to be as happy as you and Grumps are---you are not only incredible grandparents, but incredible role models as well. We love you!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Daddy Is My Hero

This little man kept mom and dad waiting, but was well worth the wait. Baby A is super precious, and I just couldn't get enough of him.  I am not the only one---his parents were just as sweet as could be, and were over the moon in love with him, just melted my heart!  Any guesses as to what Daddy does when he's not at home with wife and baby?  So glad I could come out today, and that our "take 2" went as well as it did! Remember, 20 comments to the blog earns this little firefighter an 8x10 from their session. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cowboy Take Me Away...

This little cowboy just stole my heart right out from under me.  I'm a sucker for little boys these days, and this adorable two year old shares a name with my man, so I think that I was just putty in his cowboy hands. He was certianly not to free to give out the smiles, but with eyes like that, who needs a smile!  It was wonderful to finally get together with you all, and we couldn't have picked a more perfect evening! Remember, 20 comments to the blog earns this family an 8x10 from their session, so send this little cowboy some love....