Monday, May 31, 2010

Wide Eyed Cutie

This little man certainly gave me a run for my money today!  He celebrated huis birthday (one week, that is) by christening all of my blankets, and refusing to close those gorgeous grey blue eyes. After a few hours of gentle persistance, he let us have about ten minutes of shoot time, just enought to get some priceless images for this beautiful family! Thanks so much for bringing baby J by today---he's such a cutie!  PS- don't you just love the little faux-hawk? He did, did you catch that charming little grin...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss E!

Today was the perfect day for a birthday party, and this one was just perfect! I think I may have enjoyed it just as much as the kiddos--the party was at Brew River, and  Sunshine the Clown was there to entertain-face painting, balloon art, even a magic show!  Then to top it all off, the coolest snowball truck ever- The Snowie Bus pulled up and everyone got to enjoy a nice frozen treat!  My seven year old self was very jealous of this party, and that's not even mentioning the beautiful cake, pile of presents, and wonderful friends and family there to celebrate. It was a very special birthday for a very special young lady- Happy Birthday E!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweet Dreams Little A

This sweet little darling was so good to me 15 days old she was a hair out of my "ideal" age range, but my schedule was bonkers and mom was so good to work with me, and I'm so glad we were able to do this becasue Little A was such a delight. She had her favorite poses and would whimper in protest when i tried to move her, but would then settle right back to sleep and let me play with all of my new props!   Until she was finished, and she certainly let us know when that was..ha ha ha!  Thanks for comign by today- it was a pleaseure meeting you all!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

25 Days And Counting!

So this fantastic couple will be saying their "I Do's " in twenty-five days---congratulations! I couldn't be any more excited for you all, especially this amazing little munchkin who, i have a feeling, is going to be one beautiful flower girl!  It was great seeing you all today---so looking forward to the big day!

Sweet Baby J!

Sweet Baby J couldn't have been any more adorable if she tried, and definitely took notes on it from her equally adorable older (and very doting) brother!  This family waited and were suprised with a baby girl, and Mom (gotta love her) was excited for a lot of reasons, one of which was the cute adorable things we could do with her for pictures. We had a rocky start to Baby J's photo shoot today, but after a few bottles, and some rocking and a little bit of white noise, she let us dress her up pretty for her pics :) Thansk so much for having me today, and for the wonderful cookies! Yum!   Enjoy, and remember 20 comments to the blog earns this family an 8x10 from their session.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mr. G Models for Focal Image

Ahh, so my second shoot for Focal Image (check them out at was a success! Baby G may just have been the sleepiest baby I have ever had the joy of working with---he didn't open his sweet eyes once, and let me do just about anything....and he was just so adorable too!  Ahhhhh...what a wonderful afternoon!

Miss H Models for Focal Image

So today I got to see this darling little munchkin again (lucky me). Mom and Dad were sweet enough to bring her by the house for me so I could get some shots for the etsy store for one of my favorite knitters--check out the link to their shop if you ever need sweet, super soft adorable things for your newborns :  Thanks so much you guys! 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

LIttle Divas...

These two beautiful young ladies (or divas in training , as mom likes to call them) were so much fun this evening! Mom and I have been trying to have this session for the longest time, and against some minor obstacles (I really hate traffic!) , I would say we rocked it. It is so nice to see not only the bond between these two sisters, but the loving relationship they have with their mom. Thank you so much for a lovely evening ladies, it was wonderful meeting you all!

Fiesty. Sleepy. Twins. (Annapolis Newborn Photographer)

Meet Mr. Fiesty and his adorable brother Mr. Sleepyhead!  These two identical twin boy celebrated their 20 day birthday with me today, and we certainly did party it up- there was a lot of drinking (them, not me) going on , "letting loose", and then finally(after about two hours), a nice sleepy milk coma! These guys (well, one of these guys) made me work for these images, but it was sooo worth it for that last half hour that we got out of them. I don't think they could be cuter if they tried with their pouty lips and full heads of dark hair--mom is going to be hating life when the girls start calling, and they certainly will be...great meeting you all today!  Congratulations!  Let's get 20 comments to the blog to earn this family an 8x10 from their session...