Friday, July 22, 2011

Trucks Aren't Just for Boys!

She may be tiny(right around 6 pounds), but little girlfriend can rock the truck like no other- have never seen such an adorable newborn smile!  Mommy and I thought this first pic would be a real hit with her daddy--I'm thinking he's already completely head over heels with this lady and couldn't possibly love her more, but this may just seal the deal!  If this little pumpkin is anywhere near as cute as her older brother, I feel sorry for her daddy....she is going to keep him on his toes! Loved meeting your little lady today momma- she was quite the model!  Enjoy your sneak peek, and remember that with 20 comments on the blog, little lady will get an 8x10 courtesy of KSP!

Baby B, You Have Stolen My Heart.....

I feel like I have been waiting forever to meet this little fella, and I'm sure mom and dad can agree, it was well worth the wait. In fact, little man loved me so much that he didn't want to miss a second with me, and was pretty hesitant about going off to dreamland...but mom was an absolute trooper, and despite his efforts, we got some amazing photos of this handsome little man.  Congratulations you guys- I am so thrilled for you, and can't wait to get some more baby snuggles in!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seriously Sweet!

This handsome fella was one of my more serious infants that I have ever photographed--he had just woken up from a nap and wasn't quite sure what to think of me! But he was very sweet, and just gazed at the camera with those amazing eyes f his---I couldn't resist them!  Enjoy your sneak peek, and best of luck with your move!  And remember, 20 comments to the blog and this handsome fella will get an 8x10 to hang in his new room!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Take 2!

Sometimes you catch kids on a bad day, others you catch them full of grins and personality! Fortunately for mom and I, today was one of those good days, and darling little K was full of smiles for the camera!  Mom, as always had her dressed in the most perfect little outfits and we had a ton of fun, and manged to get some good pictures out of it too! Enjoy your sneak peek momma- so looking forward, already, to seeing you guys again in the fall. Little Miss K will probably be shoulder length by then at the rate her hair is growing now!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy One Week Anniversary!

This super cute couple tied the knot last Saturday, on what felt like was the hottest day of the year!  Today, they are celebrating their one week anniversary, and I thought I would commemorate the evening with a sneak peek of the images form their big day.  Thanks so much for letting me be a part of it, and only 51 more weeks until the big 1 year.....congratulations!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Little Firecracker!

You wouldn't believe it by looking at the pictures but this sweet little thing gave me quite the run for my money today!  I called him a firecracker, and fittingly so, because he was born on the fourth of July, making him the ripe old age of 11 days today!  But as fiesty as he was, he was equally as handsome, so I can't really complain here! Mom and Dad did an amazing job with their little guy----and I'm betting he was conked out the rest of the day...and probably hasn't eaten since our session,...hehehehe!  Oh, and need I mention that little man was a Ravens fan--here's to hoping he gets a first football season this year!  Enjoy your sneak peek, and remember that with 20 blog comments, KSP will gift you a complimentary 8x10 for the nursery with your order.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Brothers (Salisbury MD Family Photographer)

These two handsome fellas were so much fun to photograph the other morning at Pemberton Park. Older brother had a grin that I'm sure will be breaking many a heart (if it isn't already) and his little brother, while a bit slow to warm up, was quite a charmer as well...and they both had a mean pitch- must be the awesome jerseys they were wearing for part of their session (you'll have to wait to see those mom!).  Enjoy your sneak peek, and remember, with 20 blog comments, these little men will earn their momma a free 8x10 to proudly display in the living room!

Buon Viaggio!

This session was a bit bittersweet---it was so lovely to see a family together, but a little sad too, because it was the last time they would all be able to get together for a while. I met this family when I did family portraits for G's family...then had the opportunity to take some pre-engagement ;) pics for G and T, and now, had the privilege of meeting T's whole family---I just love how that worked out....but again, sad because by the time we are all reading this G & T will be in Italy, stationed for the next few years....hoping you guys have a wonderful time and exciting new experiences oversees! Buon Viaggio!

Flutter. Flutter.

So the second I walked in and saw this handsome little man my poor heart just started fluttering! He could not have been any more adorable...and I just couldn't get enough of him!  He was nice and sleepy for the beginning of our session, and then decided he didn't want to miss any of the excitement  and gave me the opportunity to to get some shots of those beautiful eyes of his!  Congrats mom and dad---he's just perfect! Also, don't forget, with 20 comments on your blog post, little man will get a complimentary 8x10 for his share the love!