Friday, April 29, 2011

Big C- 4 Days New!

This newborn was certainly no little guy- tipping the scales at 9 pounds , 15 oz. on day on his fourth day of life.  When his proud momma and dad brought him in, he looked like a one month old!  But, he couldn't have been any cuter, or any better for his pictures! I was so glad I got to meet him. Congratulations you two- love you both and I am so happy for you! Oh, and how can I leave out big brother-- you did a great job today- next time you come over i promise we can play, and no pictures!   Enjoy that chunk of a baby with all your might!

B is for Beautiful!

This little cutie was a frisky one- she wasn't quite sure how she felt about getting her photos done, and fought us for quite a while. But, we did manage to get some beautiful photos- our perserverance and patience certainly paid off.  We got some great shots of this wide eyed baby, and some cute sleepy ones (although don't let them fool you- the most sleep time we got was five minutes!). Enjoy your sneak peek mom (and dad) - you earned it!  And remember- 20 comments to the blog and KSP will gift your beautiful girl an 8x10 for her nursery. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Itty. Bitty. Sweetie.

This beautiful little girl was the tiniest newborn that I have photographed, to date. Weighing in at  a little over 4 pounds (at four weeks old), she was itty bitty and just as sweet as can be. And she made the funniest/cutest little baby noises. I should have recorded them for the next time  I'm in a bad mood- sure to bring a smile! Enjoy your pics of your little sweetie mom and dad- and, if you get 20 comments on this blog post, KSP will gift you an 8x10 to hang in baby K's owl nursery!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mom and Her Guys!

I just love photographing this mom and her guys- they are all just so much fun to be around, and the little guys are getting to that perfect picture age where I don't need to chase them :)  Thanks for taking time out of your vacation to spend the evening with me- I had a lot of fun and it was great seeing you all.   Enjoy your sneak peek, and remember, 20 comments to the blog and KSP will gift you an 8x10 from your session!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mischievous Little Grin.

I was bummed when weather caused us to have to reschedule, becasue I have been taking portraits of this handsome fella since the beginning, and was excited to commemorate the Big 0-5. You got it- this handsome little gentleman just turned five, and couldn't have been any sweeter, or any more fun to photograph today- a far cry from the first time I photographed him when he did anything he could to get away from me :)  I can't get enough of his smiles- a full range from mischievous little grin to sweet as sugar- he is a happy little dude and loves his momma!  So glad to see you guys today- it was a pleasure, as always!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Handsome Man!

I am still in disbelief that this adorable little guy is one- these kids lately are just growing up way too quickly in front of my camera.  But, we had a wonderful first birthday session for Handsome little A- he is such a happy little dude, and just as cute as can be! I just adore him, and mom and dad are pretty great too!  Thanks for letting me get some quality time in with little man on his big day- hope it was super special. And, if little man gets 20 comments this time, KSP will gift him an 8x10 and a mini storyboard too- Happy Birthday! 

On My Toes!


This little man kept me on my toes, for certain! He was full of energy and was such a joy to be around- such  happy little guy! Two can be a tough age to photograph, but he was a pleasure. I definitely was ready for a nap after our session, as was mom, but I think it was all well worth it- isn't he just the cutest? Great meeting you both- glad the weather worked out for us this time! Have a great weekend, and remember- twenty comments on the blog, and you will earn an 8x10 to display from our session, courtesy of KSP.

Sweet Little A Turns One!

I have been photographing this cutie since she was just a bump in the belly, and it has been such an honor and priviledge to watch her grow. Not to mention, fun- little Miss A is just a ray of sunshine with her sparkling eyes and spunky smile!  I still can't believe she is turning one sweet! If Little Miss A can get 20 comments to the blog this time KSP will gift her with an 8x10 and a mini storyboard from her session, a little birthday gift from us to you Sweet Little A!  Happy Birthday!