Sunday, March 25, 2012

Monday Location Information- Chicks and Bunnies!

Hi everyone- so sorry to keep you waiting on me tonight- wanted to give you updated chicks ad bunnies location info! This weekend was a little crazy with juggling things around, and I am so excited that the weather is looking clear (although a bit windy) for us tomorrow.   We are going to meet on a beautiful wooded lot close to my house. I did some mini sessions there Friday, and it was just perfect, so I'm excited to shoot there again tomorrow. For those of you with a GPS, just put in the intersection of Stonehenge Drive and Pemberton Lane. My explorer will be parked on the side of the road :)  If you are coming from Salisbury, come down Pemberton like you are going to the park, pass the park on your left....continue to the stop and make a right onto Pemberton....go a couple miles and you'll see me parked on the right.

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